Adam Latham was born and raised in London, England he moved to Los Angeles in the early 1990’s. In the last ten years he has traveled extensively capturing images in over 25 countries.

Since finishing his education Adam’s focus was on the moving image. In 1989 he joined one of London’s top post-production companies and was trained in all aspects of digital editing and visual effects. He went on to start his own production company producing music videos and supplying live video installations to large-scale music events.

In Los Angeles Adam worked for various film and television post-production companies culminating with three years at visual effects studio: Rhythm and Hues which produces animation and effects for major motion pictures.

During regular trips to Asia he refined his style and focused his interest on capturing environmental portraits.

In 2000 Adam created a photography web site that is updated weekly with high quality photo presentations and now contains over 46,000 images. This project has gained a large international following, and praise from many peers.

His photographic work has been truly diverse over the years and he has donated his photographic talent and work to charities both in the US and Asia.

Adam’s talent includes his ability to make his subjects feel comfortable as well as capture uninhibited candid images that show real emotion and portray the passion for his work. This dedication has captured attention from viewers worldwide.
Adam is optimistic about the future and its opportunities ahead.

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